Gary Mulvaney Dog Trainer

"Train for fun, skills for life."

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Services I provide

Puppy/Dog Training

Weekly classes held locally.

One to One Instruction

Individually tailored bespoke training.

Behaviour Problems

Evaluation assessment and assistance with solutions to problems.

Puppy Service

Family integration and development stages recognition and understanding.

Pet Gundog Instruction

For people who own gundog breeds who want to do gundog training but they are pets first and foremost.

Gary Mulvaney

My approach to dog training

Does your dog listen to you? Do you listen to your dog?

My name is Gary Mulvaney I am a dog trainer and behaviourist based in Shevington, Wigan.

My training ethics are to be practical with an everyday approach to dog training with kindness and understanding of individual dogs and owner’s needs.

For me this has to be enjoyable for both parties as the short term effort in training will lead to long term gains and a more harmonious relationship. my ethos is “train for fun, skills for life”.

I offer modern, up to date, common sense solutions to training and behaviour issues, based on my practical experience and knowledge gained through theoretical study which is on-going.

I do this through positive reward based training incorporating body language and emotional bonding between you and your dog.

Come along to my training classes and see the benefits for both you and your dog. Achieve working together as a team and leave with a polite, well-mannered dog.

If you are having particular difficulty with training your dog and don’t want to take part in group classes then 1 on 1 training is also available.

My classes cover the whole Wigan area, as well as other areas across the North West, please contact me for more information.

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