Find out what some of my clients have to say.

We adopted our rescue dog and after a scary experience at the vets, they recommended the we seek advise from a behaviourist. Gary was recommended to us by our trainer at obedience classes. After filling out our form within a week something popped up and emailed Gary to let him know, and he gave support and advise which was prior to meeting him, which we put into practice and that issue was quickly resolved. When Gary visited us he immediately put me at ease, and Bruno seemed to be very relaxed under his instruction (even though his sunbathing had been interrupted.) His advise was clear and I found his practical approach,( particularly walking ,)very reassuring as Bruno being a Bull mastiff is a large to handle under any circumstances! I feel more confident and with the written information Gary gave me during the visit I have something to refer to if I forget as there was a lot of information to take on board. I would highly recommend Gary and will not hesitate in contacting him again for further help


Great dog trainer really good trainer my dogs are really obedient after few visits and following his instructions


Gary has made a huge difference to our lives. My dogs were causing me problems when we went out. Now I can enjoy our walks and the classes are really good fun!


Have been coming to Gary's classes now for over a year and thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere whilst learning so much. Gary is a natural with dogs and his training approach is simple yet effective which makes it enjoyable and easy to remember so can carry it on at home. I have a 1 year old Springer spaniel who is hyper but I love seeing how far she has come and how I now have a 'trained dog'.


I contacted Gary over a year ago as my Lurcher was having problems with anxiety and I didn't know how to help him. Gary came round to my home and saw both of us. He was so helpful, knowledgeable and patient. He helped us enormously. We now attend his weekly classes and have gone from strength to strength. His training methods are positive and enjoyable. We owe a lot to Gary and I have recommended him to several of my friends who now attend his classes.


I've gone from having a lunatic that took no notice of me, to a dog that is a lot calmer and follows commands even with external distractions and for that I couldn't be more grateful.

Alan Johnson

Although I love my dogs, I was becoming stressed at the thought of taking them anywhere. I got in touch with Gary and have had 1 to 1 (or 1 to 2 in my case) sessions. It was amazing watching him with the dogs and so reassuring to have his advice and support while I work with them. We now go to one of his obedience training courses and they are fun and there are already noticeable improvements. While there is more work to do, I am now able to go out and enjoy walks with my dogs. I would recommend Gary to anyone.

Margaret Walsh

We – and our dog – are enjoying attending Gary’s weekly obedience training sessions in Shevington. Gary is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and offers great advice and support. We feel that we are improving week by week. We highly recommend him.

Janet & Roger Lynn

Gary was very professional and a real help when training our 1 year old westie poo Charlie. He was clear with instructions and easy to follow, and I felt at ease when continuing the training at home in between classes. Gary followed up each session with a re-cap email of what we had learnt in the lesson so if I had forgotten any of the commands this was a very good tool for me! Charlie has come on leaps and bounds since the training and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gary to fellow dog owners!

Lauren Calleja

I asked Gary to help me with two adorable puppies I was given by my husband for my birthday. I thought this was a dream come true, but it slowly turned into an exhausting nightmare. By the end of only 8 weeks I was at my wits end and completely worn out. All my exhaustive work and commitment had failed to stop them from fighting and biting each other every evening over a ‘mad’ two or three hour period. We had ended up sitting in separate rooms with one puppy each every evening, trying desperately to keep them entertained, happy, and apart from each other until they fell asleep.

Gary was unbelievable. He arrived at our house and calmly and gently began to interact with not only the dogs, but also the fraught and worn out people. The dogs absolutely loved him and came straight to him when he gently said hello. He has the most amazing empathy for dogs, a great love of his own dogs and talks with clarity, intelligence and sympathy about your situation. To watch him working with the two puppies was absolutely magical.

He understood straight away what the problem was and in just one visit he has transformed us into a happy, relaxed and grateful family. I had tried three other local trainers before I found Gary. It seemed as if they might be Ok with dogs, but they weren’t any good at all with tired out, unhappy people.

Thank goodness I kept looking. I can’t recommend him strongly enough.

Carol with Hugo & Holly

Gary seems to understand the connection between dog and human better than any other trainer I have tried. He quickly identified my girl's issue and how I was contributing to it. The difference in my dog's behaviour is like night and day; almost immediately. He didn't leave me with a laundry list of training to practice because he worked to get me to understand her behaviour and the causes of it on a basic level. Now we understand her better our bond is stronger and increasing daily, this has resulted in much better behaviour and a more loving and happy dog.

Gary is as good with people as he is with dogs; he was quick to point out all that I was doing right and how a small change in approach would really reinforce it. He's incredibly positive and most importantly he was kind and respectful of my dog. Our dog is not silent and still, she is active as ever and far more engaged with us. Now, though, we all have the tools to help her make positive decisions.

Thank you so very much!

Bea F