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Gary Mulvaney

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About me

Hello my name is Gary Mulvaney and I am a Dog Trainer based in Shevington, Wigan in the North West. My family consists of Maureen (Hungarian wirehaired Vizsla) and Joan (working Cocker) they are continually helping me understand what living with dogs is all about, using psychology body language and connection using emotions. My dogs are my best friends and would tell you that themselves (I am sure!)

Frustration, anger and generally being fed up with not understanding each other are common in relationships with our dogs. Getting back to and identifying good communication between the partnership is what it is all about. Finding ways to do this is the key.

My training ethics are to be practical with an everyday approach to dog training with kindness and understanding of individual dogs and owner’s needs. For me this has to be enjoyable for both parties as the short-term effort in training equals long term gains that will lead to a more harmonious relationship.

Having trained my dogs from puppies into adulthood to a good standard and in doing so creating a bond of understanding between us, I believe this to be an excellent grounding for day-to-day activities at home and out and about, also giving a really useful foundation for other types of training. Mine have dabbled in Rally, agility and positive approach gundog work on dummies; they will continue to do so. The training never stops!

I have studied dog behaviour, training and modification with the International Animal Behaviour Training Centre (IABTC) along with Canine Behaviour and Training with CIBDT, multiple pet dog training instructor’s courses with both IABTC and PDTI, clicker training and scent work giving me different aspects of training to draw from. I am also interested in trained gundog work. To this end I have completed the Pet Gundog Instructors Course APGI with Lez Graham and received instructor accreditation.

I have attended Seminars, workshops/courses held by Lez Graham, John Rogerson, Ian Dunbar, Angela White and Victoria Stilwell on various aspects of different dog training techniques/thoughts/methods and a Dog Law seminar with Trever Cooper.

Theoretical Qualifications:

  • CFBA4110: Understanding Canine Care & Behaviour
  • CFBA4004: Basic Dog Handling and Training Skills
  • Level 3 Certificate in Canine Training and Behaviour
    (Canine behaviour, behaviour modification, training theory, instructing dog training, setting up small canine business)
  • Level 3 Certificate in Canine Studies
    (Anatomy and physiology, behaviour and communication, care and welfare, nutrition, setting up small canine business)

Practical Training Courses:

  • Modules 1-6 in Dog behaviour, training and modification with the International Animal Behaviour Training Centre (IABTC) certificated
  • Clicker and Target Training IABTC C&T 1
  • Scent work with Talking Dogs S1, S2, S3
  • Dog training instructor’s courses with both IABTC and PDTI multiple courses at various levels
  • The Pet Gundog Instructors Course Accreditation APGI
  • KCAI Good Citizen Bronze/Silver Assessors/Examiners Course
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